You’ve sharpened and retipped my Pro Series, GreenTeeth, Razor and New River teeth over the years, and while I did try a few other sharpening companies, nobody could come close to the timeliness of service and price savings. I’ve trusted Jeff to make the call on sharpening vs replacement, which has saved my stump business over $21,000 in direct costs versus the price of buying new in less than five years. When Jeff receives them, he tells me how many will be serviced and to what degree, even including a cost breakdown before work begins. I’ve never had a bad batch, and anytime I’ve had any type of issue, it was quickly addressed by Jeff or his staff. In just a few more years I’ll basically have a free machine from all the savings.
Robert Harris, Owner
Valley & Shore Stump Grinding

Hello Jeff,
For the last 4 years you have sharpened and retipped my Vermeer Yellow Jacket Teeth and that has saved me over $15,000 in my cutting-edge costs. Every time you sharpen a tooth I save about $8.00 per tooth! We have grown over the years and now with the rising price of fuel and new teeth costs it’s as important as ever for me to cut costs where I can.
Thanks again and we will have another shipment coming your way soon!
Kenny Schmidt
Stump Grinding 4 Less

Set of Vermeer Yellow Jacket Teeth sharpened by Jeff Elarton of Jeff’s Sharpening, producing large curls for Adams Stump Grinding in Chatham, IL. Thanks for the great sharpening service Jeff! Malcolm C. Brown
Adams Stump Grinding

I want to thank you for your support of our ongoing efforts to increase efficiency and cost savings with our stump grinder teeth and chipper knives. In just the last 6 orders with you we have saved over $6,000 dollars by having you sharpen or re-tip our stump grinder teeth and our chipper knives versus buying new teeth and blades. Your level of support and professionalism carries over to the quality of service and equipment we are able to provide our customers. We greatly appreciate the savings and efficiencies you have been able to bring to us.
Sarah Wilcox
Chet’s Rent All
Hello Jeff, Thanks for helping us lower our stump grinder cutting edge costs. In just 6 orders with you we have saved over $1,200 dollars by having you sharpen or re-tip our stump grinder teeth. We use several different kinds of teeth and in some cases we save as much as $12.00 per tooth by having you sharpen them versus buying new teeth. Thanks again and we will be sending you more!
Lisa Munsterman
First Place Rental.