Get More Out of Your Stump Grinding Teeth

Here are a few tips on how to get the most out of your stump grinding teeth!

Check your cutting teeth daily, even if you see only slight wear change the cutting edge.

I will illustrate using the Vermeer Yellow Jacket, Greenteeth, and a Sandvik style tooth.

Fig AFig BFig C

Now is the best time to change the teeth while the wear is minimal, if you are using Vermeer Yellow Jacket Teeth or Greenteeth (Figure A and B) it is an easy and quick to change with a standard speed wrench. It gets you cutting sharp again quickly in a matter of minutes.

As you can see the wear over the edge on these teeth are about the thickness of a dime or nickel, once you are to this point you are becoming much more inefficient in your cutting. If you change the edge now you will cut much faster and reduce the wear on your bearings and belts and have an overall smoother cut.

The more sharpenings you can get the lower overall cutting edge costs you will incur.

For example;

Vermeer Yellow Jacket Teeth average about $12.00 new, or $6.00 per cutting edge cost.

If you minimize the wear so it can be sharpened twice at $3.79.

3 new teeth = $36.00 in cost for 6 cutting edges, 1 tooth sharpened twice = $12.00 +$3.79 +$3.79 or $19.58 for 6 cutting edges. Quite a savings!

Every time you sharpen you save $6 to $7 per tooth. Now depending on your usage per season that could mean hundreds or thousands of dollars of savings going right back to you.

The same holds true for Greenteeth and Sandvik Style as well;

Every time you sharpen Greenteeth you are saving $6 to $10 per tooth depending on the Series.

Every time you sharpen a Sandvik style tooth you are saving about $13.00 per tooth!

I understand that every tooth cannot be sharpened, metal, brick, concrete, rocks and a variety of other obstacles can get in your way but sharpening is on average a 70% savings and you can use this illustration for most types of grinder teeth out there. If it can’t be sharpened we can re-tip the tooth as well which still averages a 30% to 50% savings.

Some teeth unfortunately will head to the scrap pile because you didn’t see that pipe buried there and before you know it you have ruined several teeth after the carbide was fractured and now the shank or body has melted like butter because of the friction.

I hope this page helps and thanks again for considering us!