Packaging Tips

Here are a few tips when shipping your teeth and knives to us to keep them safe!

When shipping with any freight company or the Post Office please line the box with extra cardboard.
Please put your teeth in some type of plastic bag free of any nuts, washers, or spacers depending on type.
Put packaging in the box to keep the teeth or knives from moving around in the box.
When taping the box please tape the entire top and entire bottom so no cardboard is left exposed. (In other words, mummify the box with tape!)

Please tape the 4 corners for extra protection.

When shipping chipper knives you can take extra precaution by wrapping the blades in newspaper so the pointed edges do not gouge into the side of the box.

A few extra minutes of precaution can save a lot of headaches in the future if shipping companies don’t show the proper respect to your packages causing damage or loss.

Thanks for considering us!