Stump chips produced by Vermeer Yellow Jackets sharpened by Jeff's Sharpening
Jeff's Sharpening & Supply
12521 Warner St
Hudson, MI 49247



** Please Do Not send the nuts with your teeth **

FREE RETURN SHIPPING* will be given for orders of 75+ sharpenable/retippable teeth.

Examples: If a shipment of 75 teeth is received and 1 or more is deemed un-sharpenable or un-retippable (due to poor condition or damage during transit, etc.) then shipping will be charged. If 80 teeth are sent and 75 or more are sharpenable or retippable then FREE SHIPPING WILL BE GRANTED.

Free shipping is regular ground including $50.00 of insurance, if your teeth are valued at more than $50.00 and you would like to purchase more insurance to protect your teeth from damage or loss please let us know at the time of payment and we will give you a quotation to see if you would like to purchase the full value of the package.

When shipping to Jeff's Sharpening it would be wise to send it with some way to track your shipment to us. If the product is lost or damaged in transit you will then have a way to recoup your loss.

When shipping your teeth please make sure the carbide teeth do not touch each other as carbide can chip other carbide if struck hard enough. Place plenty of packing material in the shipment to help avoid damage.

Jeff's Sharpening & Supply uses the U.S. Postal Flat Rate Boxes and UPS for return shipping.

* Large orders requiring LTL freight do not qualify for free shipping


Below is the procedure to send, pay for and receive back your shipment.

Send your teeth to be sharpened/re-tipped to:

Jeff's Sharpening & Supply
12521 Warner St
Hudson, MI 49247

Upon arrival, shipment will be inspected for any possible damage and checked in within 24-48 hours and we will contact you to go over the order.

When the teeth are sharpened/re-tipped, we will contact you for final payment. (Money orders and checks accepted payable to Jeff's Sharpening & Supply.)

Accepting Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover Card (Please note that on any order we reserve the right to accept payment by check or any payment form we deem necessary)

Once payment is received, the teeth will be sent back to the address given by you.

You receive your product and we thank you!!